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Are you satisfied?

By Editor |

Customers expect nothing less than total satisfaction with their purchase experiences. How many times have you gone out to dinner and enjoyed great food but terrible service? The overall result is that you’re probably not recommending that restaurant to a friend. The core of any business can be overshadowed by bad service.

At LogicSource, that’s why we believe our suppliers should have Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) as their number one operational priority. Defining that goal is simple: A never-ending commitment to quality, improved cycle times, and a desire to lead in the markets they serve.

It starts with flawless products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, are backed by extraordinary service and support, delivered precisely when needed, and are competitively priced.

Customer satisfaction is so important to LogicSource that we spend  significant effort focusing on those areas of customer service that matter most to our clients. We then work closely with our suppliers to define their performance criteria in a variety of key areas: Product & Technology Leadership; Service & Support Leadership; Quality, Delivery & Lead-Time Performance; and Total Cost Performance.

The result of this process is a  partnership in which we demand accountability, commitment and quality service from our suppliers. They must be willing to take ownership to correct problems and prevent issues that might get in the way of performance excellence. It is a fully engaged business relationship in which we leverage our suppliers’ full potential to achieve step-change improvement.

We introduce the concept of TCS early in the relationship via the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) document that potential suppliers receive. We make sure suppliers understand that TCS is our top priority and that they must be completely committed to the process before we establish any contractual relationship. Once a supplier is in the family, we implement TCS in detailed, formal supplier-performance reviews that continually measure satisfaction and identify areas for improvement in their operations and delivery systems.

Finally, we want our suppliers to have complete transparency into their TCS scores and opportunities for growth, so we provide them with regular performance feedback in the form of report cards and actionable comments. We recognize suppliers who achieve sustained exemplary performance scores through our annual Total Customer Service Business Excellence Award program.

When I sit down with our customers and ask “Are you satisfied?” I’m never surprised when the answer is unanimously “yes.” The time and attention LogicSource devotes to building a world-class TCS program leaves nothing to chance.