Turn a contract from an agreement to an advantage.

After a decade of delivering hundreds of Procurement engagements, we have learned the critical importance of a centralized view of all contracts. Too often, contracts live in network files and desk drawers, if at all. Where solutions do exist, they focus on approval workflows and not the priorities of Procurement.


Introducing OneMarket Contracts, powered by LogicSource: the only Contracts Management solution created for practitioners, by practitioners. And the first that focuses on what Procurement teams need to gain visibility and maximize spend under contract. Increasing your influence and elevating your impact on the business.

Elevate your impact with OneMarket Contracts

Make sure you have a seat at the table

Proactively help your business partners understand the landscape of supplier agreements and pending renewals affecting their budgets. And plan out your procurement initiatives to help them achieve their strategic goals.

All of your contracts in one place

Ensure all of your contracts are properly uploaded, tagged and organized with our intake support and ongoing data hygiene services.

Make your contracts smarter

Tag contracts with procurement-focused meta-data so you can quickly understand key terms and details, company ownership structures and historical supplier relationship details.

Find what you need fast

Filter and keyword search across your entire repository of contracts, allowing you to quickly analyze trends and see the bigger picture for value opportunities.

Never miss an important contract date again

Configure event triggers that alert you ahead of key milestones, allowing you to plan and organize your efforts without the last-minute fire drills.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Maintain a template clause library, gain insights to best practices for business terms and pricing structures, helping to ensure you get the most from contract negotiations for your business.

Three ways contracts put you in control

Only OneMarket Contracts combines three offerings into a single platform: advanced technology designed specifically for procurement professionals, onshore support services, and market intelligence informed by LogicSource’s unmatched experience. Giving you increased visibility and control of spend under contract.

See the bigger picture. And drive the conversation.

Consolidate all your contracts in one platform – organized by category, giving you the insight to see the opportunities and take the lead with your business partners. And ensure you maintain an updated and accurate picture with monthly upload and metadata tagging services from our team of contracts experts. 

Eliminate the unknowns. And make contracts work for you.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Ensure you have line of sight to all contracts in a category and when renewals are due. Allowing you to proactively plan, instead of reactively manage – and ensuring you stay one step ahead of the needs of your business.

Strengthen your negotiations. And your impact.

Understand the complete picture of spend under contract in a category, all aspects of a supplier relationship, and where the strengths and weaknesses lie. Giving you the edge in supplier negotiations and maximizing your ability to drive value.


Get in touch with us to schedule a demo or download the Contracts factsheet to learn more.