Level-up your sourcing And maximize your impact

As a team of career procurement professionals, we have found today’s market is dominated by overly complex and overpriced sourcing technology. So, we built our own. Introducing OneMarket Sourcing, powered by LogicSource, the only Sourcing solution purpose-built by practitioners who source spend every day for a living. Streamlined to include core functionality without unnecessary complexity, OneMarket Sourcing empowers your teams to execute more sourcing events, more efficiently – and get better results. Faster.


Simplify and centralize your sourcing activity.

Bring together your Sourcing projects and data in one simple-to-use platform, accessible anywhere and on any device. No hardware/software required.

Skip the setup and get straight to results.

Flexibly create different types of sourcing events, and leverage LogicSource’s proven and ever-growing list of pre-built tools and templates to maximize the time spent by your team on driving outcomes.

Execute sourcing events on your terms.

Define sourcing event timelines and event pre-requisites to clearly communicate to your suppliers what you need, and when.

Broaden your sourcing marketplace.

Access LogicSource’s supplier ecosystem for new supplier recommendations; keep track of past Supplier acknowledgments to streamline registration for future events.

Know what something should cost, before you source it.

Leverage LogicSource’s aggregated benchmarks and data to manage every supplier negotiation with confidence.

Ensure transparency and control.

Manage communications and bid submissions in one place, with a digital audit trail of the engagement that can be leveraged to streamline future events.

Three ways OneMarket sourcing ensures you get the best results.

Only OneMarket Sourcing brings together purpose-built sourcing technology designed by-and-for sourcing and procurement professionals, combined with onshore sourcing and benchmarking services, and market intelligence informed by LogicSource’s unmatched expertise and experience.

Streamline your process. And increase speed to value.

Today’s business environment requires agility to deal with fast-moving change. With OneMarket Sourcing, you have a purpose-built tool to automate sourcing without unnecessary complexity, allowing you to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks and get to value sooner. Making you more able to meet and exceed the changing needs of your business partners.

Bring new ideas. And become a strategic advantage.

After more than a decade of providing services across hundreds of sourcing engagements, we have found one thing to be universally true: Sourcing teams are constantly challenged to drive increasing value without increasing budget. OneMarket Sourcing is a unique solution that allows you to tap into a broader pool of suppliers and sourcing approaches, challenge the status quo and ensure you continue to move the needle for your business partners.

Eliminate the admin. And maximize the value.

Empower your team with sourcing expertise beyond your organization’s own resources without adding headcount. Build market-leading sourcing events leveraging our pre-built tools and templates, and go into supplier negotiations armed with our pricing benchmarks. Ensuring you and your team have the edge and can drive the best possible results.


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