The better your data, the greater your impact.

Introducing OneMarket Insights, powered by LogicSource, the only spend analytics solution created for procurement pros by the world’s foremost experts in sourcing and procurement. Designed with one goal in mind…to transform your data into clear, actionable insights that you can leverage to make high-value strategic recommendations and elevate your impact on the business.

Elevate your impact with OneMarket Insights

Leave the data cleanup to the experts

Focus your team’s valuable time on high-value strategic analysis and leave the data entry to us.

Become the master of your indirect spend data

View your data in clean, categorized spend cubes and dashboards you can rely on to identify opportunities, manage risk, and exceed savings targets.

Step back and look at the bigger picture

Take insights to the next level based on a panoramic view of data from contracts to spend to supplier performance and more.

Build stronger relationships with your business stakeholders

Bring valuable, actionable, and data-driven insights to every conversation.

Take control of your supplier conversations

Come to the table armed with a single source of truth and real-time visualizations of all your spend data.

Act with confidence that you're getting what you negotiated

View stakeholder and supplier compliance against sourcing outcomes, and lock in rates and timing to reduce your risk.

Three ways insights delivers powerful analytics

Only OneMarket Insights combines three offerings into a single platform: advanced purpose-built technology, plus a flexible set of onshore services, and market intelligence informed by the expertise of LogicSource. Giving you a view into your spend no single solution can match.

Elevate your view.
And your game.

Spend analytics is only as good as the data that goes into them. OneMarket Insights gives you greater visibility into your spend data than ever before—automatically cleaned, normalized, categorized, and enriched. Giving you unmatched insights into spend against targets and new sourcing opportunities to support your negotiating strategies.

Speak strategically.
And the business will listen.

Now, you’re speaking the language of business—providing strategic insights into categories of spend, lines of business, and suppliers. Organized, in complete command of real-time results, a source of wisdom. You’re no longer brought in at the last minute. The business is coming to you.

Deliver real-time value. And make a lasting impact.

With OneMarket Insights, you have the complete picture of your spending for every scenario, and compliance against every target. Ensuring which suppliers are used and that every purchase is properly channeled. Making you the go-to for value realization, and bringing buying into the boardroom.


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