Elevate your sourcing team's performance. And their impact.

Introducing OneMarket Portfolio, powered by LogicSource, the only sourcing performance management solution created for procurement professionals by the world’s foremost experts in sourcing and procurement. And the first to help you not only manage the value delivered by your team, but also forecast outcomes, track ROI, and balance resources across your sourcing portfolio. Elevating your importance and impact on the business.

Elevate your impact with OneMarket Portfolio

Manage from a single source of truth

Track your team’s initiatives, baselines, sourcing timelines, and value projections all in one place, and make faster, smarter prioritization decisions.

Deploy your resources more effectively

Based on full transparency into your team’s workload and value creation, across any location, any project, any time.

Don’t just measure performance, anticipate and ensure it

Not only can you track your sourcing performance with a click, but you'll also receive advance warning where and when issues arise in time to course-correct and meet your targets.

Get visibility into more than just savings

Capture an audit trail for all work completed by your team, and learn from the decisions that were made along the way.

Showcase the value of your team

Demonstrate the value you and your team deliver beyond savings with detailed performance metrics.

Better manage your stakeholder’s expectations

Project the potential impact of decisions on the outcomes of your sourcing projects so you and your team can manage them in real-time.

Three ways portfolio drives superior sourcing management

Only OneMarket Portfolio combines three offerings into a single platform: advanced purpose-built technology, plus a flexible set of onshore services, and market intelligence informed by the expertise of LogicSource. Resulting in a comprehensive view of project management, resource utilization, and financial forecasting.

Simplify your life.
And increase your value.

For sourcing managers, the days of juggling countless different reports are done. With OneMarket Portfolio, a single click brings up a dashboard where you can track and manage all of your sourcing activity, including cost avoidance, hard savings, innovation programs, operational efficiency, value engineering, and more.

Set your expectations. And beat them.

Quickly view the critical path items for your projects, see potential pitfalls, and proactively avoid them. Explore scenarios to show the impact of shifting dates and understanding the impact of mixing different projects within your overall timeline.

Balance team workloads. And elevate results.

In a world where you’ve got finite resources and a seemingly infinite list of projects, you need to ensure your teams are focused on the right projects, at the right level, at the right time. OneMarket Portfolio gives you the capacity planning and resource optimization tools you need to match resources to demand and balance workloads so everyone is productive, happy, and delivering to the fullest.


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