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GPOs are a Service Provider, but are they a Working Partner?

By Jonathan Shap

A group purchasing organization (GPO) model is built on economies of scale, grouping purchasers with similar needs to buy in bulk and reduce costs for member organizations. This works well when it comes to cost-of-doing-business items that companies use…

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Five Retail Opportunities Amid Economic Uncertainty

By Editor

With growing economic uncertainty driving renewed caution among US consumers, Retailers are facing make-or-break decisions. How they respond to revenue pressures and the financial headwinds disrupting their long- short- and near-term plans will determine whether they are positioned for…

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Can Procurement Departments Keep Up with AI’s Evolution?

By Jo Seed

This article was originally published by EPSNews.

As artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities mature, an increasing number of businesses are investing in AI initiatives and leveraging automation in their daily business operations. This once leading-edge technology is becoming more ubiquitous…

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