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Walk Through Walls

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Previously, distinctive departments worked in their own silos handing off “completed” goals. Now the barriers are broken, and everyone in the marketing support and procurement continuum are not only on the same page – everyone can see it in real time. By uniting previously disconnected business processes, OneMarket technology enables dramatic efficiencies that increase each team’s availability to meet timelines and budgets and quality standards.

Technology has enabled marketing professionals to create and deliver enduring marketing support. Its use has resulted in enhanced quality, new creative concepts and improved time to market. Yet, most enterprises are still missing an enormous opportunity to have process continuity between the beginning and end of the entire marketing workflow cycle.

It’s common knowledge that different departments in any enterprise tend to work in their own silos, scrambling to hit their deadlines and working hard to ensure they demonstrate the value delivered. This results in a perspective that work is “done” when work passes to the next department or stage.

In effect, work goes over a wall every time a task is complete so what has come before is not visible to those receiving it, and those handing it off have little visibility downstream. Working in this way creates more work, overtime hours, budget overruns and results in an ER room-like sense of urgency at crucial stages in a marketing project or campaign.

Few professionals are aware that it is possible to see and walk through the metaphorical silo walls by automating processes to provide a collaborative, integrated end-to-end workflow solution for creative teams – such as branding, marketing and merchandising – and their production and procurement departments. We call this automated workflow: “Concept-to-Customer”.

To quickly intuit what some of the benefits might be of “Concept-to-Consumer”, try this simple thought experiment. Ask:

  1. In our marketing production process is everyone REALLY aware of what the ACTUAL end deliverable is?
  2. What might be stopping our jobs from consistently getting to the finish line on-time and on-budget without heroic effort?

Now compare your answers to those that our clients mentioned as the top five challenges they face: poor communication between teams, ineffective collaboration, tight deadlines, asset management and the constant switching between physical and digital assets.

 walk through walls graph

Creative stakeholders tell us that they often have their fingers crossed that artwork feedback is readable or that the person providing comments is in the office to help clarify instructions. The fact is that both they and their colleagues in the Traffic Department would like an easy way to collaborate within and outside  their teams to prevent outputting too many proofs and calling too many meetings.

Marketing production professionals tell us they wish they could be more connected with what is happening in creative so that estimating isn’t a last minute (and potentially costly) exercise. Likewise, we hear that digital asset requests consume an inordinate amount of production’s time due to the lack of a central, organized location, with controlled access that empowers everyone across the board to grab what they need and get to final approvals.

We have observed across departments that the primary goal of these processes – the delivery of marketing or merchandising assets to a customer – is often lost.

Our client-proven OneMarket technology suite allows you to never lose sight of this goal by uniting previously disconnected business processes. In doing so, it creates dramatic efficiencies that increase each team’s ability to meet timelines and budgets across their interconnected business processes.

If you are interested in understanding how the Concept-to-Customer process can help you and your colleagues start walking through walls to work more effectively together,

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