LogicSource founder and CEO David Pennino joins Brett Stapper, CEO of Front Lines Media, on the podcast “Category Visionaries” in a candid conversation highlighting:

  • The significant gap in indirect spend management that many organizations fail to address
  • How LogicSource consistently delivers substantial EBITDA improvement for our clients year after year
  • Our unique approach that combines the critical components of successful indirect procurement into a solution tailored to our clients’ needs

Listen to the above and more in this engaging discussion around our mission and vision for the future.

David Pennino, CEO and Founder of LogicSource: $250 Million Raised to Power the Future of Procurement

In today’s episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with David Pennino, CEO and Founder of LogicSource, a sourcing and procurement solutions provider that’s raised over $250 Million in funding, about how indirect expenditures can become a significant financial burden for companies, and why cost-reduction strategies can be a game changer. Assisting firms to drive down expenses for indirect goods and services, areas not necessarily within their expertise, LogicSource encompasses all the critical components of successful procurement into a solution configurable to their clients’ needs.

We also speak about David’s upbringing and why he loves the pace of life on the Eastern Seaboard, why 90% of life is all about just ‘showing up,’ the challenge most firms have with their indirect goods and services procurement, and the impact some of these purchasing decisions can have on revenue and long-term sustainability.