LogicSource COO Jo Seed was recently on an episode of Trending NOW, a Healthcare NOW Radio production, discussing the troubled state of the healthcare industry and an innovative approach to respond to these financial headwinds.

On this episode, Jo and host Jared Johnson explore how health systems can drive deep cost savings and ease margin pressure by optimizing their non-clinical procurement approach.

Catch this quick-paced interview for key insights on:

The importance of re-examining non-clinical spending and going beyond the limited scope of GPOs to find margin pressure relief
Getting sponsorship from CFOs and department leaders to ensure non-clinical procurement initiatives are successful
Adopting enabling technology to improve visibility and control over the non-clinical procurement process

Healthcare NOW Radio

Trending NOW: Jo Seed, COO at LogicSource

What’s HITting you differently in healthcare? Join host Jared Johnson (@jaredpiano) and his guests as they look at the latest trends in the news and on social media and discuss the healthcare climate and variables impacting how we are experiencing these trends. It’s a fast-paced 30 minutes so tune in to hear what’s on trend NOW. This week join Jared and guest Jo Seed, COO at LogicSource as they discuss keys to reducing healthcare expenses by better understanding and addressing non-clinical expenditures.