LogicSource’s General Manager of Healthcare, Mark Van Sumeren, was featured on a recent episode of the FINN Voices Podcast. Mark shares why it’s time for healthcare supply chain innovation to go beyond clinical goods and services and into process improvement outside of patient care delivery, such as their non-clinical procurement function.

“As we talk with chief financial officers, chief operating officers, and the other health system decision-makers, it’s surprising to most, if not all, that their non-clinical expenditures—the things that don’t ever touch patient care but are required to operate the business—are often 20% of net patient revenue,” said Mark

“If we free up significant dollars out of what we’re spending on non-clinical expenditure, we’ve freed up a lot of cash to put back into the clinical side of the business.”

Health systems can tap into the full potential of their non-clinical spend by re-examining the limited scope of their GPO relationships and collaborating with external procurement partners that bring cross-industry market intelligence and benchmarks, enabling technology, and deep non-clinical category expertise.

Listen to Mark’s discussion with host Beth Friedman for more insights about the potential cost savings found in non-clinical spending and how health systems can reinvest this into their number one priority – improving patient experiences and outcomes.


S1E20: Shaving Cost in Your 2024 Budget: Time to Innovate Non-clinical Spend in Healthcare

Host Beth Friedman speaks with Mark Van Sumeren, General Manager of Healthcare at LogicSource as well as Managing Director of his own firm, Health Industry Advisor LLC. Tune in to hear about the latest innovations in the healthcare supply chain, clever solutions on how to free up financial resources to fund critical clinical services, and what we can learn from procurement in other industries.