What is LogicSource’s Mutual Value Assessment (MVA)? Our investment in every client.

Mutual Value Assessment: We Invest In You

Many of our prospective clients come to us jaded from experiences with consulting firms that made expensive recommendations without any execution capabilities. Despite investing millions in supposed “expert” advice, these organizations frequently end up with nothing more than an overpriced PowerPoint presentation. It’s ironic – they spend to save, yet realize no actual savings.

We shake up this model with a completely different approach.

At LogicSource, we begin every client engagement with a Mutual Value Assessment (MVA) – an in-depth analysis of your procurement operations, an investment that typically costs us between $75,000 – $125,000 and takes 5-7 weeks to complete. Done at no cost to the client, the MVA evaluates your current procurement capability including resources, processes, systems, and supply chain. We offer an in-depth analysis of your company’s sourcing and procurement challenges – going beyond the typical three-page “free assessment” provided by other firms merely summarizing the issues you are already aware of, providing little valuable insight.

What are the benefits of the LogicSource MVA?

Before investing with LogicSource, our MVA offers valuable insights, allowing us to define clear execution plans providing:

  • A current state overview, including detailed spend categorization and procurement workflows serving as the foundation for identifying improvement opportunities.
  • Insights into how to improve procurement operational efficiency through improved workflow designs and automation.
  • Deep market and supplier intelligence to help drive better sourcing decisions and optimize your overall supply base.
  • Perspective on required resources and organizational capabilities.
  • Actionable strategies designed to improve supply chain issues impacting quality, service and price.

We believe sustainable change hinges on accurate data, but getting to that data requires investment and is complex. Our initial investment in every client provides the necessary information to provide a clear, actionable roadmap aimed at achieving significant savings and lasting value. We design the ideal future state solution for your business that leverages our pre-built assets to achieve the savings and value identified.

What does the MVA process look like?

It’s a repeatable, effective methodology that defines the proposed go forward procurement solution and roadmap to achieve savings.

How much will an MVA cost me?

It’s free. We don’t get paid a dime until we deliver results, and the results of the MVA are yours to keep. We are confident in our ability to deliver and will design a business case that holds us accountable for achieving any identified savings.