What makes a health system truly stand out on the global stage?

What makes a health system truly stand out on the global stage? It’s not just about groundbreaking clinical innovation and cutting-edge research, although these are crucial.

World-class health systems excel in building robust infrastructures and seamless business operations too. A key piece of the puzzle? Indirect, or non-clinical procurement, a strategic function that underpins their unwavering commitment to excellence.

In this session we will introduce the Non-clinical Procurement Maturity Model – your health system’s key to stepping into a world of unparalleled operational efficiency, quality, and outcomes. Developed leveraging decades of industry experience, this tool allows healthcare leadership to assess their current non-clinical procurement capabilities and guide them towards incremental improvements that will enhance the maturity of the function, and ultimately, the results they deliver.

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Mark Van Sumeren, a seasoned industry advisor with over 40 years of experience in healthcare strategy, operations, and supply chain, and John Dockins, Executive Director of Sourcing & Vendor Management, from the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

Together, they’ll dive into a conversation that may reshape how you view the procurement function of healthcare systems – from mere cost-cutters to true value creators.

Watch the full webinar replay here.

Meet The Speakers:

John Dockins
Executive Director of Sourcing & Vendor Management, Cleveland Clinic

John leads a versatile team accountable for direct and indirect sourcing to include PPI, Commodities, IT, Non-Clinical, and Construction. He joined Cleveland Clinic in 2016 and has over 25 years of industry and non-profit experience with 12 years being focused on healthcare.

He is a veteran of the United States Navy who received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Evansville and furthered his education by obtaining an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University. John continued his education journey by attaining several certifications including a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Mark Van Sumeren
General Manager, LogicSource

Mark is an experienced healthcare executive who has held senior leadership positions at Ernst & Young and Owens & Minor and currently serves on the boards of two healthcare supplier organizations. His outstanding achievements earned him an induction into the Bellwether League Hall-of-Fame for Supply Chain Leadership in 2021 and recognition as a “Healthcare Hero” by GHX in 2022.

At LogicSource, he brings his decades-long career in healthcare strategy, operations, and supply chain as the GM of our Healthcare division.

In this webinar, look forward to:

  • Exploring Non-Clinical Procurement Through the Lens of the Procurement Maturity Model: Gain a holistic understanding of the nuances of non-clinical procurement, understanding its pivotal role in enhancing healthcare operations and how the Procurement Maturity Model offers a unique perspective and tools for elevating procurement practices to world-class standards.
  • Strategies from Top Healthcare Systems: Hear about the innovative strategies and best practices employed by leading healthcare organizations that extend beyond clinical achievements to enhance operational efficiency and outcomes.
  • Tools for Self-Assessment: Learn how to use the Procurement Maturity Model as a self-diagnostic tool to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within their organizations.
  • Expert Guidance for Advancement: Receive expert advice from seasoned professionals John Dockins and Mark Van Sumeren, with practical insights on moving through the different stages of the Procurement Maturity Model to achieve a world-class procurement function.
  • Interactive Q&A Segment: Directly interact with the speakers in a Q&A segment, with an opportunity to ask specific questions and gain tailored advice for your health system.