We get it, you’re busy. There are a million to-dos on your plate, and your attention is, and should be, laser-focused on top-line business priorities like new offerings, vertical expansion, and managing cost and cash flow. Indirect spend is probably very low on your priority list.

But did you know that optimizing your indirect expenditures could provide the funding for your organization’s top priorities? It’s time to shift your perspective and see this spending not as a burden but as an opportunity.

In this video, our founder and CEO, David Pennino, shares how strategic management of indirect spend can drive EBITDA improvement and enhance profitability without compromising quality or turnaround times.

By addressing this overlooked area of your business, you can drive bottom-line savings that can be redeployed to fuel growth and increase investment for your top priorities.

It’s time to focus on Priority #99. Watch the video and learn more.