This article was originally published by Healthcare IT Today.

Healthcare organizations must seek out the same types of supply chain efficiencies as the leaders in other industries, particularly in the face of inflation, rising labor costs, and tighter reimbursement models that erode their revenue. LogicSource specializes in driving savings in non-clinical spending, which typically accounts for over 20% of a health system’s annual revenue.

In this video, David Kirshner, Managing Partner, and Susan Tyler, Managing Director of Healthcare, discuss the valuable insights that LogicSource brings from working across diverse industries outside of healthcare. They also shed light on why many health systems are not as efficient at purchasing non-clinical goods and services as major companies in other industries.

While healthcare can achieve some cost reductions by working with group purchasing organizations (GPO), these partnerships have traditionally focused on clinical commodities and are not equipped to effectively source complex non-clinical categories. LogicSource aims to assist healthcare organizations in saving 7-to-15 percent on their non-clinical spending, encompassing areas such as facilities, packaging, security, pest control, and more.

LogicSource becomes “part of the fabric of the supply chain organization,” helping achieve savings far beyond what a health system could achieve on their own. By carrying out a data-driven analysis and executing the solution to ensure value is realized, they can help organizations fund their future and pursue their top priorities.

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