Introducing Smarter Sourcing: Our New Media Brand For Procurement and Sourcing Professionals

After more than a decade of insights, conversations, and the privilege of working closely with procurement leaders from the world’s leading organizations, we are excited to announce the launch of our independent media brand Smarter Sourcing. This new media brand is a testament to LogicSource’s commitment to not just observing but actively participating in and shaping the future of sourcing and procurement.

For too long, the sourcing and procurement function has been the unsung hero of the corporate world. Despite playing a crucial role in the success of any organization, professionals in this field have faced an uphill battle in gaining the recognition and resources they deserve. They are the architects of value, the guardians of efficiency, yet their stories, challenges, and triumphs often go unnoticed. Smarter Sourcing is our bold step towards changing this narrative.

Smarter Sourcing is not just another media platform. It is a dynamic ecosystem designed to elevate the sourcing and procurement function to its rightful place at the decision-making table. We aim to transform the landscape through high-quality educational and entertaining content that resonates with the challenges and aspirations of procurement professionals.

Our mission is threefold:

Peer-Led Learning:

We believe in the power of shared wisdom. By tapping into the experiences of industry veterans, Smarter Sourcing will highlight transformative strategies and frontline experiences that propel the industry forward.

Interactive Engagement:

Engagement is at the heart of learning. Our platform encourages active dialogue and collaboration, allowing members to leverage the broader community’s expertise for mutual growth.

Elevating the Profession:

We are committed to enhancing the stature and recognition of sourcing and procurement within the corporate sphere. Through robust knowledge sharing and community engagement, we aim to spotlight the critical role these professionals play.

Smarter Sourcing has released its first three episodes, featuring insightful conversations with:

These episodes are just the beginning of what Smarter Sourcing will offer to the community.

Looking ahead, Smarter Sourcing is set to expand into diverse multimedia content formats, including an online community, to further enrich our platform. This is just the start of a larger movement to reshape the sourcing and procurement landscape.

There’s a significant gap in quality content aimed at our community, and Smarter Sourcing is our answer to filling this void. This initiative leans on the strong foundation of the LogicSource brand and our deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within sourcing and procurement.

I invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can elevate the sourcing and procurement profession, ensuring it receives the recognition and influence it deserves within the corporate world.

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David Pennino

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at LogicSource, Inc.

David has over two decades of experience in the Services and Outsourcing industry, including senior leadership roles at Williams Lea, Scient Corp., and Gartner. As CEO, he is responsible for the growth and expansion of LogicSource’s procurement services and technology solutions as they continue to drive sustainable profit improvement, risk mitigation, and supply chain continuity for the world’s most recognizable brands.