LogicSource’s General Manager of Healthcare, Mark Van Sumeren, was recently on the Power Supply Chain podcast to discuss reducing supply chain costs through non-clinical spend management.

Speaking about non-clinical expenditures, Mark explained, “Imagine that 20% of our expense base is being deployed to things that are not top-of-mind awareness, not managed as part of our typical GPO or internal contracts, largely diffused throughout the organization, and therefore, somewhat out of control. This creates a great opportunity as we face ongoing challenges to manage operating margins.”

Catch this episode with hosts Hays Waldrop (Founder and President of The Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers [IHES]), Garry Skinner (Founder of Discover S3) and Justin Poulin (Founder and CEO of Beyond Clean), where Mark shares insights into:

  • Reasons behind poor visibility and control over non-clinical spend
  • Dealing with rampant inflation and rising labor and supply costs
  • The limitations of GPOs and consultants in satisfying the need for specialized non-clinical contract negotiation in healthcare

Power Supply: The Supply Chain Podcast

This week on the Power Supply podcast, we’re embarking on a journey to revolutionize how we approach procurement in the healthcare supply chain! Join industry expert, Mark Van Sumeren, as he shares his innovative approach to procurement in healthcare, focusing on the often-overlooked world of indirect spend. By utilizing market analysis and benchmarking strategies, Mark reveals how healthcare organizations can drive cost savings and elevate performance. Through real-world examples, Mark shares invaluable insights that will redefine your approach to procurement. Get ready to unlock hidden savings and operational efficiencies within your organization. Tune in today!