What’s Work Got to Do with It? We Found Out on The Workmate Game!

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT – Have you ever wondered what Dan from Accounting really thinks about all day long, or which celebrity Susan from Sales wants to work with instead of you? Lucky for us, at the end of our Quarterly All Company Meeting, LogicSource employees were invited to participate and find out!

“Live! from the beautiful, winter wonderland of South Norwalk, All-Co Game Show Productions brings you ‘The Workmate Game!’ And now, the moment you have all been waiting for! Here is your host and star – Buzzy Eubank!”

LogicSource hosted ’The Workmate Game’ on Thursday, a Newlywed Game-style gameshow, featuring pairs of work partners from different departments within the business, to find out what they really knew about their teammates. Sam Vail, Managing Partner of Business Development, played the role of gameshow host extraordinaire, Buzzy Eubank, and put our contestants through two rounds of challenging and thought-provoking questions such as “What kind of animal best describes your Workmate’s work ethic?” Snake, anyone? Another question that generated some laughs was “In what contest could my Workmate be the only contestant and still come in second?” How about some rock-paper-scissors? Maybe a dancing or singing contest? Our team is certainly talented, we may just need to pick our spots. Unsurprisingly, lunch was a hot topic. On the question of “What’s your Workmates favorite thing to have for lunch?” our Workmates teams enjoyed a clean sweep, with gyro, turkey sandwich, chicken cheesesteak, and pizza all rattling off in quick succession.



After the laughs died down, and the final questions were asked, Buzzy Eubank and his gameshow team tallied the scores to find which Workmates really knew the most about each other. So, which of our Workmates rose to the top? Our final tally revealed a two-way tie for first place, with the team of Valerie Turchiano and Taylor Siciliano sharing the limelight with Marissa Lindquist and Jen Fazio! The question that put each team over the top? “What celebrity would you want your Workmate to be replaced with?” While we love our winning Workmates, we must admit, it’d be pretty cool to work with Justin Timberlake and Luke Bryan. The important thing is, these teams truly know one another, and we can all learn from them what it really means to know your fellow Workmate. 

Whether some Workmates knew each other too well, or others hilariously whiffed on their answers, so much fun was had by all. The Workmate Game was the perfect exclamation point on a productive day of discussion and collaboration as we look forward to closing out a successful 2018. We’d like to thank all those who participated, and a special thanks to our host-with-the-most, Sam Vail, for suiting up for a good cause. Be on the lookout for more fun game-shows and activities when we come together in the future! 

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