ROI.TV Presents “The Business of…Procurement” with LogicSource CEO David Pennino

By Colin Gilmore | Media Coverage

LogicSource Founder and CEO, David Pennino recently sat down with ROI TV at Two Roads Brewing Company for a Procurement-focused episode of “The Business of…”, a weekly show that explores the modern realities of doing business through the unique perspective of the leaders and entrepreneurs shaping their industries.

Listen in as David and The Business of…  host, Hillary Mendes, share a pint, discuss how David got his start in Procurement, untangle the implications of troubling supply chain disruptions, and shed light on the critical role Procurement plays in today’s modern business environment.

Check out the full episode below or at Or, scan the QR code and watch them on your mobile devices and streaming services!



About LogicSource:
LogicSource is purpose-built to drive profit improvement through better buying. LogicSource focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of indirect goods and services, which typically represents 20% of a company’s revenue and the area of greatest spending inefficiency. Tested time and again in the marketplace, their proven engagement model builds profitable partnerships that achieve 4-15x ROI.