Record-Setting Relief: Looking Back on a Year of Giving

By Colin Gilmore | Community Outreach | People

NORWALK, CT – Endings are always good times to look back on what was. At LogicSource, we enjoyed a successful 2018, with plenty of internal and client wins to go around. And, as we close out the year, those things should be celebrated by all of us. Still, some causes and wins are greater than others, and their impact is far more important than any number on our bottom line could ever be.

As many of you know, for the last five years, LogicSource has been a proud partner of The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, dedicated to improving – and saving – the lives of children with cancer by funding game-changing research, raising awareness, and providing support to families in their times of greatest need, with the ultimate goal of curing childhood cancer once and for all.

Every year, our most important project as a company is fundraising for this vital cause. With the help of our friends, loved ones, and Inspiria (a Norwalk-based marketing company) we assembled a 200-person strong Warriors for a Cure team to participate in the “Million Mile Challenge,” Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s month-long fundraising event in which participants across the country collectively walk, run, or ride a million miles. LogicSource and the Warriors for a Cure team raised a total of $143,701 for childhood cancer research against our goal of $120,000, earning the top fundraising spot for the fifth consecutive year.



Those are flashy numbers, and sometimes we can get caught up in that – after all, we’re playing a numbers game every day. But, we should all take a minute to consider the real value and impact of that donation. What does that money actually accomplish? With donations like those from LogicSource and Warriors for a Cure, Alex’s Lemonade Stand has funded nearly 1,000 childhood cancer research projects, developing cures and helping to improve the quality of life for pediatric cancer patients. In 2018 alone, the Foundation has funded dozens of field-leading research projects, including:

And that’s just the clinical impact being made. In addition to their life-saving research, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation provides top-quality support and much-needed resources to the families affected by childhood cancer. Every cent helps to make their days a little easier, relieves the daily stress of their situation, and makes their incredible challenges just that much more manageable.

This goes way beyond a few nights in a hospital guest house, or some nightly dinners. Not to diminish that kindness in anyway, but “incredible challenges” isn’t an exaggeration. It’s not uncommon for parents to stop working once their child is diagnosed, losing a critical stream of income when they need it most. Travel costs can become unbearable, and their medical costs quickly become devastating. Every donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation helps to mitigate much of these costs, ensuring that families emerge from these struggles happy and healthy.

As you all spend time with your families this holiday season, we hope you find a few fleeting moments of perspective in the midst of all the warmth, laughter, and happiness to truly appreciate everything you have. We hope that you hold in your hearts the children who are fighting for their lives, and their families trying to give them a “normal” holiday. We hope that you never give up the fight. Enjoy your holiday and let’s do it all again next year.

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