Q2 Spark Award Winner Sets the Standard for a Successful 2019

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT – Each spring we’re reminded of the opportunities and the impact that success in Q2 can have in helping the business gain serious momentum towards its yearly goals.

For LogicSource, Q2 was no different, with team members across the business going above and beyond to ensure we delivered the best possible service and savings to our customers. As such, we believe those whose impact could be felt across the business should be recognized. In that spirit, we honor those standouts with the LogicSource Spark Award.

Given out quarterly to the LogicSource employee who consistently excelled in their contribution to the business while demonstrating a strong commitment to the company’s mission and values, the Spark Award winner represents who we are as a company. Nominees are considered under the criteria of Contribution, Innovation, Improvement, and Leadership.

Nominations in Q2 poured in from every corner of our business, however, one name appeared so often that our winner was clear. The Q2 LogicSource Spark Award goes to…

James Pirro!

James started working at LogicSource in August 2017, bringing his talents and sourcing experience from PepsiCo and Morgan Stanley to the LogicSource Center of Excellence. As a Sourcing Analyst, James supports the Packaging and Distribution & Logistics sourcing practices – running RFP’s on behalf of our clients, negotiating with suppliers, and performing spend and savings analysis.

Well known around the company as an all-around team player who consistently delivers great results, what’s most impressive is James commitment to growing in his role. It’s common to see James spending his own time and energy expanding his category mastery. It’s no accident that this year, James added Distribution & Logistics categories—on top of Packaging—to his expanding sphere of excellence.

His peers were effusive in their praise of James, calling him “a true asset to LogicSource.” Some even went into details that shed light on the work James is doing to improve our company and himself. Take it from Matt Hill, our Distribution & Logistics Category Lead within the LogicSource Center of Excellence, who commended James’ work, saying, “James has been critical in running analysis, benchmarking, and RFP activities across our Distribution & Logistics client services. Most recently James helped in execution of a Freight RFP which yielded our client a $400K save. He was always willing to assist, answer inquiries, and shepherded the entire RFP process across the finish line.”

Praise like this made James an easy choice for our Q2 Spark Award Winner. His commitment to the business, his team members, and his relentless pursuit of professional and personal excellence embodies everything that we strive to be as a company. As we all continue pursuing our goals in Q3, let’s keep James’ example in mind. He set a high bar in Q2 that we should all be aiming to build upon and raise even higher.

About LogicSource:
LogicSource was purpose-built to drive profit improvement through better buying. LogicSource focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of goods not-for-resale, which typically represents 20% of a company’s revenue and the greatest area of spending inefficiency. Tested time and again in the marketplace, their proven engagement model builds profitable partnerships that achieve 4-15x ROI. Learn more about the LogicSource® difference at

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