Miracle on Marshall Street: Recapping the 2019 LogicSource Ugly Sweater Contest

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT – Colored strands of bulbs cast a warm glow over the desks and dividers. Garland and tinsel are festooned on tables and banisters. The faint hum of Christmas carols cascades from the rafters like soft snow. Laughter floats out of the break room. At LogicSource, this can only mean one thing: it’s time for the annual “Who Wore It Worst” Ugly Sweater contest! Much like the traditions at home that make the holidays special, the LogicSource Ugly Sweater contest has become a yearly tradition that everyone here looks forward to and gets us all into the holiday spirit. 

At LogicSource, we pride ourselves on being best-in-class, guided by innovation… even when it comes to ugly sweaters. This year, our employees pushed the boundaries of ugly, redefined tacky, and even dabbled in avant-garde fashion, questioning the very nature of “sweaters” and what they mean. We had classics hand-knit by grandma, a DIY elf, an audacious blazer-sweater combo, a 3D T-Rex sweater that—unlike Santa Claus—must be seen to be believed. There were sweaters adorned with bows, and onesies even your kid would be embarrassed to wear. All this is to say, this year’s competition was fierce. 

In what was a history-making turn for the holiday season on-par with the N*SYNC Christmas album or canonizing Die Hard as a Christmas movie, the applause for both of our final two contestants was raucous and ceaseless. We had a Christmas miracle. For the first time in LogicSource history, we anointed TWO Ugly Sweater champions! The holiday spirit shone through in both so earnestly that to distinguish between the two would miss the point of the season and the Ugly Sweater Contest. In a year full of wins, it feels right that two of our team members are going home with presents and bragging rights until next year. 

The Ugly Sweater contest is always a welcomed send-off to the year. We had a great 2019 and this event capped it off perfectly. We laughed, we cheered, and we enjoyed our time together, appreciative of what we helped each other accomplish this year. Thanks to all who got decked out for the contest and joined in with the rest of us in ramping up the holiday spirit. If the trend of one-upping our own ugly sweaters continues, 2020 should be one for the ages. Cheers!

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