LogicSource Business Analyst, Victor Almeida Wins the Q1 Spark Award

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT – At LogicSource, our people are always going above and beyond the call of duty to help out our team, service our clients, and deliver world-class results. We recognize and acknowledge everyone’s great work each and every day, but every so often, we must call out those whose impact could be felt across the business. For that, we have the LogicSource Spark Award.

The Spark Award is given out quarterly to the LogicSource employee who consistently excelled in their contribution to the business while demonstrating a strong commitment to the company’s mission and values. Nominees are considered under the criteria of Contribution, Innovation, Improvement, and Leadership. Did this person deliver outstanding results? Did they have an idea that will make a positive, lasting impact? Are they a great teammate? These are all questions we should be asking when choosing our quarterly Spark Award nominees.

Nominations for Q1-2019 came in from all across our business—from executives and associates, headquarters and offsite employees—but one name was consistently repeated by LogicSource team members, covering the full range of nomination criteria, from contribution through leadership. Whose name was it?

Victor Almeida.

Victor started working at LogicSource in June 2018, after completing his MSC in Analytics and Systems and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Bridgeport.

As a Business Analyst within our Analytics department, Victor is is involved in all aspects of data preparation and analysis related to sourcing for Marketing Print. Working with our Subject Matter Experts, his work ensures that our team is able to determine the best sourcing plan for the client. Accurate analyses delivered in a timely manner are essential for meeting our savings targets, satisfying our clients, and ultimately growing our business. And that’s what Victor delivers. 

All that could have been read in Victor’s job description. A spark is more than that. What is it about Victor that’s made him such an impactful person and colleague? Let’s see what Victor’s colleagues had to say:

“Not only is Victor contributing to his projects in a positive way, but his leadership skills are admirable. He has gone out of his way to help me learn the ropes at LogicSource. During my first few weeks, he took the time to explain every project he was working on and the process behind it, and I could immediately tell how much of a leader he was and how much he was contributing to our company.”

The head of the LogicSource Analytics department, Ed Walker, said of Victor, “The Business Analyst role at LogicSource requires analytical skills, truly enjoying working with lots of data, a desire to learn, and a willingness to make the effort to share one’s knowledge and experience with others.  It is essential that the analysts teach each other and learn from each other in a spirit of cooperation. Victor has demonstrated all of these characteristics in his daily work, especially when it comes to training new team members.” 

When this is what your colleagues have to say about your work, it’s easy to see how Victor’s spark has become a fire. His expertise, diligence, service, passion, and the example he sets have clearly spread to others across the company, and that’s what the Spark Award is about. 

Congratulations, Victor! Keep up the great work and let’s all keep an eye out for next quarter’s winner.

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