Built Better to Buy Better: LogicSource Launches New Website

By Colin Gilmore | Technology | Media Coverage

NORWALK, CT – In 2020, many of us took time to reassess. Whether it was coming face-to-face with some uncomfortable work-from-home habits, or rethinking different aspects of your business, we have all found different reasons to look inward while the outside world was shutting down. 

At LogicSource, we turned our attention to improving the ways we reach our prospects and partners, at how we communicate value, and thread credibility through each point of contact with our online presence. With those goals in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of the redesigned 

Our new-look website is streamlined and straightforward, designed with the user’s needs in mind. Whether you are best served by our Sourcing & Procurement managed services, or you need our fully integrated OneMarket Source-to-Pay technology platform, all the details necessary to make an informed and empowered decision for your business are just simple clicks away.

As we engaged with clients in hectic and urgent conditions this year, one thing allowed us to consistently deliver results ahead of schedule and against the odds: clear and concise communication—with our suppliers, with our partners, with local government officials, with clients, and more. Now our online presence reflects this ethos, and communicates to prospects and partners alike that we are doing all we can to be transparent, to be value-driven in all we do, and that we remain committed to helping their business grow. 

We are incredibly proud of the work of our teams and partners, and all the individual efforts that pulled our community through tough times. This new website is the first step in a fresh start that we’re all looking forward to.

About LogicSource:
LogicSource is a purpose-built Procurement Services and Technology provider focused exclusively on indirect, or not-for-resale, expenditures. Their Services and Technology solutions drive cost reductions and efficiencies for their clients across all areas of indirect spend, which typically represents 20% of a company’s revenue and a significant opportunity for profit improvement. Tested time and again in the marketplace, their proven engagement model builds profitable partnerships that achieve 4-15x ROI.