Embracing the Necessity of Change: LogicSource Announces New Board of Directors

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT – Every business wants to reshape its market, rip up the rulebook, and leave competitors in the proverbial dust. That drive is the engine behind entire economies, and reveals the fundamental necessity of change for achieving success. Yet when faced with the choice of evolving or passively accepting stagnation and irrelevance, why do so many balk at change?

As LogicSource enters a critical period of evolution, we do so with that notion in mind, enacting change to position our company for sustained success. Already the leader in Sourcing and Procurement services, we have decided to accelerate our aggressive growth plan, adding a broad range of data and technology products to our best-in-class solution offerings. Leading LogicSource to the next level is a talented and experienced new Board of Directors, fully committed to helping the company realize its pioneering vision.

Joining LogicSource Founder and CEO, David Pennino on the Board of Directors is Manny Fernandez, Hank Holland, Jeff Schwartz, James Nahirny, Tim Johnson, and Gordon Rausser.

Guiding this exciting growth phase is the new Board Chairman, Manny Fernandez, who brings with him decades of Board and leadership experience, running organizations including SYSCO Corporation, SI Ventures, Gartner Group, Dataquest and Gavilan Computer Corporation, and serving prominent Board positions for the Brunswick Corporation, Performance Food Group, and Leggett and Platt. His expertise in leading businesses with strong commercial product offerings makes him the ideal candidate to guide our company’s aggressive change plans and lead our new Board. We’re confident that the move will help secure a future of continued growth and profitability for LogicSource and our clients.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the changes to come,” said Pennino. “Collectively, these distinguished business leaders have guided companies through aggressive growth phases, shepherded new products from conception to market, weathered crises with strength and grace, and led businesses that are consistently industry-leading in their own right.”

While we look towards the future, LogicSource owes an enormous debt of gratitude to its previous Board. We will always be grateful for their wisdom, steady guidance, and zealous belief in the company’s mission during the trials of our early days. Those years of service and unwavering support helped us find our footing and become the industry leader we are today. As new leadership assumes responsibility, we’re confident the best is yet to come, but we will never forget the contributions of those who helped us get here.

As the business community faces extraordinary challenges in the coming weeks and months, the success of LogicSource’s goals for 2020 are more urgent than ever. With a distinguished team of veteran business leaders and proven innovators serving on the new Board of Directors, we have never been better prepared to face the future by rejecting complacency, enthusiastically embracing change, acting decisively, and moving the industry forward.  

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Board of Directors Profiles:
Manny Fernandez, Chairman
Hank Holland, Director
Jeff Schwartz, Director
James Nahirny, Director
Tim Johnson, Director
Gordon Rausser, Director
David Pennino, Director