Bigger, Better, Smarter: Looking at the Year Ahead

By Colin Gilmore | People

NORWALK, CT — In 2018, LogicSource celebrated a banner year. The company saw an increase in key business growth metrics across the board, including more substantial client relationships, a reduction in sales cycle time, and record-breaking conversion rates, while adding a number of high-profile clients at the end of 2018 including The Gap®, The Fresh Market®, Tailored Brands®, and Vitamin Shoppe®.

Looking at the year ahead, 2019 is pivotal year of growth and scalability at LogicSource. We have the ambitious opportunity to make this the year it looks back on and says, “Remember 2019? That was the year that we demonstrated our market leadership. That was the year we became the sourcing and procurement services company to watch.”

Sam Vail, Managing Partner at LogicSource, recently hosted the company’s 2019 Growth Kickoff meeting to lay out the business development strategy for the year. “It created a great forum to communicate our 2019 goals, learn new ways to drive value for clients, recognize and motivate Growth team members,” said Vail. “With our 2019 theme of ‘Bigger, Better, Smarter,’ it was an inspirational day that we will refer back to throughout the year, as we are well positioned to have a break out year!”

The offsite meeting brought together leaders from every part of the Growth organization at LogicSource, from Business Development & Marketing through Client Solutions and Value Delivery. Insights, perspectives, and best practices were shared with the singular mission of working together to make 2019 the best year in company history.

(Managing Partner, Sam Vail and LogicSource Advisory Board Member, John Malfettone)

The LogicSource Advisory Board (LAB) had a presence at the Kickoff meeting as well, joined by our newest LAB member, John Malfettone. He took the opportunity to meet the members of our team, and provided his unique perspective on the relationship between Procurement and Finance. “A good CFO,” said Malfettone, “is never satisfied with their procurement function.” Adding, “They should always be looking to take more costs out, and become a more streamlined function.” John compliments the LAB with another highly accomplished executive and industry leader, and we look forward to working with him in 2019.

Fortunately, we didn’t spend the entire time talking shop. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and LogicSource takes that to heart. At the end of the exciting day, team members got the chance to partner up, blow off some steam, and hit the paddle courts for some friendly competition.

It would have been easy to look back and take 2018 for granted, but last year was the start of our climb to the summit. At LogicSource, we welcome the opportunity to get together, candidly share what we think is working, and have an honest dialogue about how we constantly seek to improve the value we deliver to our clients. Here’s to 2019!

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