A Win for the Ages: LogicSource Employees Rally for Soccer Championship

By Colin Gilmore | Community Outreach | People

NORWALK, CT – Most companies these days claim to be a type of family, that their workplace is one in which long-lasting and constructive relationships are forged. That the strength of those relationships are what fuel the success of the business. However, how many actually put those bonds to the test outside of the office? How often do those sturdy relationships hold up when the incentives of the job disappear? At LogicSource, not only do we strive to build lasting relationships with our coworkers, but we pressure-test those relationships by staying active and engaged with causes and activities outside of the workplace. 

Most recently, a handful of LogicSource colleagues—Chris Andrade, Luka Ivanovic, and Sam Tana—became soccer champions together. Playing for the CT Futbol Club in the SONO Fieldhouse Adult Soccer league, the trio put together a 7-1 regular season, earning them the two seed in the playoffs, and ultimately a championship in a dramatic final game. Down 3-0 with 10 minutes on the clock, the team stormed back into the fight with two quick goals from Sam, and capped off their furious comeback with a game-tying goal from Luka as the clock ticked under a minute remaining. The team would then secure the championship victory in a penalty shootout. 

Luka Ivanovic, Sam Tana, Chris Andrade

Okay, so it’s not exactly the World Cup, but it is representative of something deeper happening at LogicSource. “What’s the difference between a company where you build long-lasting relationships versus a ‘workplace’?” Chris Andrade pondered after the team’s big win. “THIS. I’ve been playing and running a local team for a few years now in Norwalk and never won the title. Then I met Luka and Sam through LogicSource. We became close friends, bonded over a passion for soccer, and eventually teamed up on the field. Last night was the championship game, and three LogicSource employees beat all odds to win an epic championship battle. I’d say that’s kind of special.”

While these team members took the initiative to combine their talents on the pitch, LogicSource believes in rallying our resources and our people around the causes we care about. Whether it’s our team members, friends, and family coming together to do our part in walking a million miles for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, or the LogicSource Triathlon we host every August, these opportunities to compete, strengthen relationships, and build that rare sort of camaraderie that infuses our work internally and externally, truly are vital to the success of LogicSource. 

As we press ever-onward into this holiday season, let’s take time to strengthen our relationships—at work, at home, or socially—however we can, in whatever ways are needed. Because while it’s easy to pay lip service to calling the people you work with “family”, if your actions reflect that kind of bond, the difference it can make for the success of your business is immense.

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