Indirect Procurement Data and Analytics: The Four Key Challenges and How to Solve Them

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Find out how organizations can use OneMarket to overcome the most common indirect data challenges by:

Regularly cleaning, categorizing, and enriching spend data

Consolidating hundreds of vendor contracts into one central repository, and tagging with key metadata and milestones

Providing access to category experts and market intelligence to support ongoing spend data analysis


Ensure accuracy and actionability across all your procurement data

Imagine a world where your indirect sourcing data is not just numbers in a spreadsheet, but a strategic tool that can help to drive your organization forward. In this world, trustworthy procurement data is your secret weapon for success.

Beyond the procurement function, effective data management can provide valuable insights for the Finance and Legal organizations, as well as to your business unit partners across areas such as resource management, strategy planning, performance benchmarking and competitive intelligence.

But first, you must overcome these common data inefficiencies and streamline processes to optimize your procurement operations.

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