Health System CFOs, Don’tOverlook the Potential Savingsin Non-clinical Spending

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The integral role of non-clinical procurement in healthcare operations

The money left on the table from over-reliance on GPOs

The questions that must be asked when optimizing non-clinical expenditures


Healthcare CFOs carry a heavy burden as they walk a tightrope of balancing fiscal responsibility with patient care quality.

So, it’s no surprise that there’s now greater awareness of the integral role of non-clinical procurement in healthcare operations. By optimizing non-clinical spending, healthcare systems can improve financial control, reduce cost overruns, enhance patient outcomes, and boost operating margins.

But implementing it successfully is easier said than done.

Our guide looks at common missteps made by healthcare providers when managing non-clinical procurement and lists down critical questions that must be answered when it comes to non-clinical expenditures and optimization efforts.


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