Motivating Healthcare Leaders to Address Non-Clinical Costs: Four Actions to Take

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Get the insights you need to begin your non-clinical procurement initiative.Learn how to drive deep cost savings and margin improvement by:

Establishing full visibility over all non-clinical expenditures

Providing a clear timeline for non-clinical optimization initiatives

Getting pricing benchmarks from outside of the healthcare industry


It’s Time to Tackle the Cost and Complexity ofNon-clinical Spending

Amid the rising cost of care, the need to double down on non-clinical spend categories to find efficiencies is greater than ever.

These categories are overlooked too often due to limited visibility, fragmented spending, and a lack of sourcing discipline compared to clinical expenses. Ignoring this could hold you back from millions of dollars of potential cost savings.

Mounting pressures on operating margins and the diminishing impact of direct cost-cutting measures underscores the importance of focusing on non-clinical costs. So, how can you get a headstart on this?

Our guide highlights four actionable steps to kick-start your non-clinical procurement efforts and begin your journey to cost savings and margin improvement.


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