Revolutionizing CostManagement: Why NewStrategic Partnerships in Healthcare Matter

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Partnering with a true non-clinical procurement expert can get you:

Up to 15% savings on your total non-clinical expense base

Subject matter expertise for better contract negotiation and service delivery

Real-time spend data and supplier network access for informed decision-making


What’s Your Next Step When Traditional GPO Strategies Fall Short?

You may consider your Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) the backbone of your supplier contracting and benchmarking. This may be true when it comes to clinical categories.

However, the reality is that GPOs typically only address up to 25% of total non-clinical goods and services–think categories like IT, facilities, corporate services and marketing. What’s more, their model is built upon broad nationwide contracts, which rarely, if ever, allow for local, region-specific requirements like those needed for pest control or lawncare services, for example.

Our guide explores how a different approach to your procurement partnerships can unlock significant savings for your health system.


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