Build Competencies in These Five Areas to Optimize Your Indirect Spending

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Focusing on these five areas of your business can bring you one step closer to taming your indirect spending. Learn more on:

Key considerations to drive rapid and sustainable cost reductions

Getting on the path to improved profitability, fast

Empowering your procurement team to employ faster, leaner execution capabilities


Build a Best-in-Class Indirect Procurement Strategy

Tackling your indirect expenditures head-on might unearth a hidden source of funds you’ve been searching for in today’s disruptive and inflationary business environment. By effectively managing these often-overlooked categories, you could drive more than 10% in cost savings and associated profit improvement across what can equal hundreds of millions of dollars in spend.

However, indirect spending is often dismissed as just the “cost of doing business,” with many organizations failing to allocate the necessary investment, resources, and strategic sourcing discipline to achieve best-in-class buying.

We’ve highlighted five key areas of competencies to get you started on the path to procurement excellence. Download our guide and learn more.


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