6 Actionable Steps to Turn Your Procurement Team Into a Strategic Profit Center

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These six steps can help you get started on your own Indirect Procurement initiative. Learn more on:

Building a comprehensive view of total spending to understand what is being bought and from whom

Reviewing your capabilities against external benchmarks to measure and assess your current performance

Mapping top-line sourcing value and bottom-line investments to show how procurement initiatives translate to tangible ROI


How to Pave the Way for a Successful Indirect Procurement Transformation

You’re not alone. Many business leaders struggle to optimize their indirect spending, primarily due to a lack of expert resources, limited technology, and poor visibility into total spending.

We get it. Even the thought of taming your indirect purchasing practices is daunting. But here’s the truth: a focused approach to addressing your indirect expenditures can drive significant bottom-line cost savings that can fund your organization’s top priorities.

It’s time to discover the untapped value within your indirect spend. Download our six-step guide today, and transform your procurement team from an administrative cost center to a strategic profit driver.


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