6 Actionable Steps to Reduce Non-clinical Spending and Improve Operating Margins

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Find out what you need to get the the answers to the questions belowwith our Non-clinical Procurement roadmap:

Do I have an accurate and comprehensive view of total spending to make data-driven decisions?

How is my procurement function performing versus best-in-class standards outside of the healthcare industry?

What are the short, medium and longer term cost reduction opportunities over the next 36 months?


Drive Margin Improvement with a focusedNon-clinical Procurement Strategy

Lack of awareness. Scarcity of expert resources. Limited technology. These are some of the factors holding back today’s healthcare organizations from addressing their non-clinical expenditures.

It’s no wonder many leaders neglect their non-clinical categories entirely, or assume that their GPO is securing the best pricing available – and who can blame them? However, when your operating margins are tightening, optimizing your non-clinical spending can save you millions of dollars a year and fund your health system’s top priorities, without any impact to the patient care model.

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